Let’s go to summer camp in cool Canada !!!

E-starT Education Co., Ltd. Canadian English Camp

About camp
The 2017 English Camp is a unique camp for you to upgrade your English skills in Calgary, Alberta, with its beauty and energy. Participate in various English camps with local students – including equestrian camps, science camps, leadership camps, sports camps – to interact with local people and participate in community service. In particular, I will become a member of the Calgary Art Club while participating in camps, and will also act as a cultural historian. Our camp will be with the Calgary Korean Women’s Association to provide a safe and comfortable English language camp for your children. This year is the 150th anniversary of Canada’s founding, and many events, festivals and events will be held to make the camp more abundant.

Program Overview
Training period 4 weeks: July 22 – August 20, 2017 (4-week program)
Place of Study Canada Calgary
Accommodation Homestay (local, select from Korean)
Participating elementary school fourth grader – junior high school second grader
Participation fee 4 weeks: 5,400,000 won (down payment of 500,000 won / balance of 4,900,000 won)
Included: Tuition, room and board, activity, insurance
Not including the passport ticket, round-trip airfare, personal allowance (about $ 70 / week), ESTA application fee
At the time of application, a deposit, a copy of passport (the expiration date must be at least 6 months from the date of departure)
Program Features
1. Camp in Calgary, Canada with a beautiful natural environment
2. English camp with 100% Canadian friends !!
3. Proceed at a popular camp where many locals participate
4. Experience the Canadian culture through various activities prepared every weekend
5. Continue ESL Intensive Program for 2 hours each day
* It is highly recommended for such children.
 Children who want stimulation of learning motivation and want to dream big dreams for their future
 Children who are separated from their parents and want to develop self-reliance and independence
 Children who want to participate in various activities with Canadian children and want to see the big world
 Children who want to experience advanced education system and culture